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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 3, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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and to good to see you. welcome to a brand new hour inside america's new's headquarters. >> i'm rick fulbaum. topping the news harsh words from leon panetta. what it means for the peace process and for our relationship with israel. >> also an undate on the health evangelist billy graham. he has been in the hospital with pneumonia. the special way santa is reaching out to some very deserving kids. but we begin with a fox news alert. a major shakeup in the race for
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the white house. at a rally in atlanta, republican presidential candidate herman cain putting his campaign on hold following accusations of sexual misconduct and an extramarital affair. take a listen. >> as of today with a lot of prayer and soul searching i am suspending my presidential campaign. >> senior national correspondent john roberts, well, he is live in atlanta. john, the question is, is there anyway cain could have kept going? >> you know, a lot of people have asked that question but really it was out of his hands. he didn't have much choice in the matter. not only were prominent party members telling him to get out but you voters were abandoning him in droves. in iowa where the caucuses happen just a month from now, where he was leading the pack
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at 23%, a des moines register poll out today has him at just 8% and headed for the basement. there was no way it looked that he was going to do anything in iowa. he told supporters today that while he has made many mistakes in his life, he continues to deny all of the allegations that have been leveled against him in the past few weeks and after saying that things were good between him and his wife gloria who by the way joined him on stage he said that as far as the campaign went he was packing it in. >> i am suspending my presidential campaign because of the continued distractions, the continued hurt caused on me and my family not because we are not fighters, not because i'm not a fighter. >> you know, cain also told the
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crowd today that america got a very powerful lesson that presidential politic politics a dirty game which frankly shouldn't come as any surprise to any one. >> i was thinking the same thing when i listened to mr. cain make the announcement. suspension is the key word here. the supporters you talked about, they had about 300 people in the crowd there. what are they saying, cain supporters we are talking about? >> they were very disappointed because the atmosphere surrounding his speech today was some what festive. oat was here to open up his new national quidquarters in atlanta. suspects sporters were being urged to give money and sign up to volunteer and suddenly he pulled the rug out from underneath everyone. in doing so he blamed the press and one supporter agreed with
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him. >> i do not believe a word of anybody who has said anything against herman cain and gloria said it as she went by shaking our hands and herman did, too, we had to think of family because they have suffered a lot at the hands of the media. >> nd again to the very end herman cain continues to deny all of the allegations leveled against him. he said while he is suspending plan a and that was his presidential bid he is going ahead with plan b which is to stay active in politics with a website that is going to push forward the issues like his 99 tax plan and his foreign policy plan. >> he says he will be the voice of the people. john roberts, thank you very much. >> we will hear more on the announcement by mr. herman cain later in the show. i will discuss this with our political panel. bahar it means in the race for the white house overall.
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>> growing opposition to a top member of the obama administration. mitt romney now demanding that attorney general eric holder step down. romney making the comments on the campaign trail in manchester, thing. molly, we know that the candidate is out rallying the base but also sitting the president and ace millwood ain straiks, right. in. >> and you mentioned that he is calling for the resignation attorney general eric holder. he also weighed in on the president's upcoming vacation plans. take a list. >> this administration has been extraordinarily disappointing. the president now taking a 17-day vacation. it really is time for him to take a permanent vacation. he argues that the president should no longer have a job and since he has the job right now,
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should be more focused on the problems that america is facing. >> also out on the campaign trail today newt gingrich according to tea party, how is he hatching up with mitt romney on that? >> he was speaking with the staten island tea party today. of course, a conservative group that he would like to earn their vote and talked a lot about not just mitt romney are out of this case. ron paul and mas michele bachmann could still come back. he pinpointed out in june and july of this year that everyone thought his campaign was dead. take a listen to his plans for the rest of the campaign. >> in my case i'm going to be campaigning very hard. i'm going to be having every citizen for their vote. taking iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, florida very seriously. >> also having a chance to speak with mitt romney today. he was also supporting the key
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weep weighing in on this and looking for all of the votes he can get. mitt romney shaking hands and trying to show he has the support and ground organization to get things done. >> molly, thanks. as molly said, it is not just a two-person race. a reminder for you now, six of the nation's top gop presidential hopefuls will participate in a special gop forum hosted by mike huckabee. bachmann, gingrich, paul, perry, romney and santorum, tonight beginning at 8:00 p.m. eastern time right here on fox news channel. >> i'll definitely check that out. >> absolutely. >> fox news learning that some lawmakers investigate the solyndra loan scandal are thinking about suing the white house. the white house says it has turned over more than enough documents on the matter but after calling the most recent question is, some of the 23078ings on the panel are thinking of slapping them with
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a violation. if that does not work they could end up filing a civil suit. >> a budget bat that will could cost american families big bucks next year. now, president obama is urging congress to find a solution to the payroll tax cut extension before it runs out. peter doocy with the latest from. some members broke rank saying there is no wear they going to go for that almost in invitelements are reformed thirst. >> to address entitlement reform we shouldn't be extending the. >> the deadline is december 31 is fast upon us. again, last month we september a letter. last night the republicans in the senate rejected their own plan. there has to be a better way to get the job done. christmas is coming. the goose is getting fat. >> the president also keeping with the holiday theme at an
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event on friday said if they don't act fast congress could end up -- last year both parties came together to cut payroll taxes for the typical middle class family by about $1,000. that tax cut is set to expire at the end of this month. >> the president made one thing clear, while he wants to extend the payroll tax cut another year, he does not want to lock in tax cuts for the wealthiest americans. peter doocy reporting in washington. thanks a lot, peter. for a little more context here. the payroll tax cut was part of last year's agrowment. about 160 million americans will see taxes go up without
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that tax cut. earlier this week the senate defeated two manns, a record earning about $50,000 a $1,500 tax cut. two income family making $200,000, well, they would see $6,000 under the democratic plan. as for the republican plan a thousand dollars for that worker who earns $50,000 a year and $4,000 for the two income families. strong words for one of america's closest allies. defense secretary leon panetta telling israel to get "to the damn table" on middle east peace talks. molly henneberg with more on this. pretty blunt speech there. >> prime ministerty blunt, indeed. with a if the sills hud press forward with discussions of the palestinians talks that the secretary said have especially
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been on hold for the last year. >> with full confidence that the united states is willing and april able that israel can safeguard its security as it takes the risks needed to pursue peace now is the time for israel to take bold action and to move towards a negotiated two-stage solution. >> the palestinians say they are ready to resume talks if israel stops building setments in parts of the west bank. >> a palestinian source said there is a contra vision between the in -- and its inistence of but israel which has where give be up the gas zarkhawi trip and other parts of its country says the palestinians are not serious negotiators. sear you see the israeli prime minister meeting request benjamin netanyahu.
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a spokesman said they are playing dip mow mattic games to try to cover their position which is to poisoning cot israel and refuse to epiterritories negotiations. he says they not have been going to do. like. >> molly live phone us in washington. thanks, lollipopry. >> 25 diplomatsicking up their bags and leaving thome. they were expelled by the british government. the diplomatic dust upstarting on tuesday when hundreds of iranian protesters stormed and rap sacked the embassy in tehran. kniveen by. >> jim palmer joe biden leading with issues in turkey.
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looks like the situation in syria is one thing that everyone can agree on. >> we stand with turkey and a growing course of nations to call for president assad to help p ahid. >> 25 people reportedly killed in clashes between the earian army and troop troops who havee defected. the u.n. estimates some 4,000 people have died in the uprising. the folks in california are working and a colossal cleanup after one of the worse windstorms in decades. gusts of nearly 75 miles an hour. one person dead. damage estimates in the millions and thousands are still without power. maria, as bad as this is, more to come? >> another round of strong
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winds as we head into tonight and also through sunday morning. that is what southern is expecting. also fusty winds across central portions. not really associated with a storm system. actually a large trough or dip in the jetstream that is set up out west and we to have several disturbances that ticked down. the one she did bring the strong wrong of snow across the area. across new york cities of the up irmidwest where the air is too warm to see know we have heavy rain and the poe temperatures for flooding into the next several days because this system is going to stall out from the great lakes down into the deep south. what we have going on right now, snow, most of it has ending. >> the worse -- stretching across portions of northwestern quiz. accumulations there should be actually quite impressive.
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talking about generally three to six inches of snow. locally up to 8 inches. posing travel concerns throughout tonight and early mound morning. a look at 3:00 a.m. sunday. still slowly vermontlyly. again, a look at that bain but just going to -- several inches anticipated up too 8 inches by the wort of the workweek. then we have a second storm system that is going to dip down past parts of the rockies. more snow across new mexico and colorado even even dipping town into parts of the texas panhandle. nominees accumulated snowfall out here and right along the rain snow level we will have freezing life to. >> maria when you are in cool for reidorology they didn't
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teach you this tough because it is all over the wayers. >> mendy mccraady her even at her boy friend's home in arkansas. shelters was found hiding in a compossity with her five month old son. police are working to return the boy to her mother. >> hersey father reacting to the news. >> i was concerned about hows mindy how he feels. and eni tried to confer with zander. sore a five year. >> the little boy is now in the custody of the arkansas division of children and family services. no word if mccreaty will face security cameras. >> we will tell you why and
6:17 pm
what you need to know to find bar bins. >> they can't her hall of fame say ho ho ho but a special santa making sure that deaf children will be heard this christmas. >> have you been good this year? >> one year ahead two little boys asks me do you they were line sang wag. >> coming up, be santa's sweet response to these kids.
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black friday 2011 brought blowout numbers for retailers across the country but the success could be bad news for those of us who were still looking to save a little bit because stores may not have to offer great deals any longer. how can you spread the holiday cheer without emptying your bank account? patricia powell is the founder and c.e.o. of the poured concrete you well financial group. ing thanks for coming? >> thanks for having me. >> a good news bad news type of thing. good news for the retailers but maybe not great for us. >> it has been very good news for the retailers. last weekend the average shopper spent $400 and that is 9% about more than last year and when you go to online while the dollars are less $150. that is a 24% increase over last year. so the economy is doing something here and you can see it in the retail numbers.
6:22 pm
that is good news. >> i want to talk to you about the economy and the jobs numbers that came out yesterday in a minute. but for the shoppers out there, and those of us who still need to do our shopping, does it make sense to get it done now or do you think that maybe as we get closer to christmas and hanukkah there might be deals in the offing? >> you know, rick, experts are divided on this one. some experts saying the retail numbers were so good but the inventory is low and under control and retailers don't have to give you the deals. other experts just as qualified saying the exact opposite that they are going to be giving you deals because the years have been lean and they want to get them while they can and the consumers want to get their share of that money. right now it is unclear whether the deals going to continue. but the buyer needs to beware always. >> what about the pie buyer on?
6:23 pm
>> likely to be more deals on the web shopping onsign as opposed to going to a store? >> not necessarily but the buyer online has a real advantage because he can comparison shop from his comfy chair at home with his bunny slippers on. question when you are in the mall if you are not prepared you are out there and you see the item and you are buying it. so regardless of how you are buying it, you have to be a very savvy shop they are year and you have to have a battle plan to go out or you are going to be taken to the cleaners. >> how did you know i have bunny slippers? >> mine are penguins. >> talk macro here. a couple of minutes. do we dare to dream? just ahead the unemployment numbers came out. still not where they need to be but they are down. the shoppers this h who went ot and spent on average 400 bucks on black friday, that is a sign of consumer confidence. >> what we are looking at is in the last 12 months almost 1.5
6:24 pm
net new jobs were created. and that means that there is people out there who have jobs. now, the fact that the unemployment rate went down this week isn't that good because it really reflected that some people just gave up and so we have this long-term unemployment problem that we have to deal with. but there still are jobs, we are still creating them. a lack luster jobs recovery although the economic recovery is chugging along. >> a message for lawmakers down in d.c. as they look at the extension of the payroll tax deduction and look at continuing unemployment insurance. any message it is a relates to the holiday shopping season and what it might do for the overall economy if they don't get something done? >> well, you know, i have really mixed feelings and you will have to forgive me for a minute because i'm. >> going to talk out of both sides of my mouth on this issue. when you put money in people's
6:25 pm
pockets it is a good thing. generally i'm in favor of any kind of tax decrease. people are bound to spend the money more eye fibbently than we do in washington. on the other hand, that money is being borrowed and there will come a time when the bill has to be paid and the rest of us have to figure out how to pay the bill. notice barney frank left this week and people said maybe he is leaving because it is tough down there now. he is one tough guy, he is of the smartest guys in congress. he is leaving the table before the bill is due. i have mixed feelings about that. if we are going to have tax decreases let's find a way to pay for them with a decrease of spending. >> speak out of both sides of your mouth, you could work in washington. >> i at least acknowledge it. >> founder and ceo of the powell financial group. always good to see you, pat.
6:26 pm
thanks for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> no bunny slippers for rick. adjusting my christmas list there. coming up, herman cain hanging up his conductor's hat. why the cain train is making a sudden stop and why the man behind it all says you haven't heard the last of him yet. capital one's new cash rewards card gives you a 50% annual bonus! so you earn 50% more cash. according to research, everybody likes more cash. well, almost everybody... ♪
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it is the bottom of the hour. time for the hop of the news. mitt romney versus eric holder. the presidential candidate calling on the attorney general to resign over his handling of operation fast and furious. the gun program that mistakenly put guns in the hands of criminals. billia graham's nurses say he is even sharing stories
6:31 pm
about his life and ministry. iranian diplomats leave the uk after tehran embassy attacks. >> well, a stunning development on the campaign trail. presidential candidate herman cain uss august suspending hise white house. this coming after several accusations of sexual misconduct and a 13 year extramarital affair. how does this affect the other republican candidates? let's bring in our political panel. cal thomas a syndicated col upist and fox news contributor and alexis mcgill johnson. good to see both of you. >> thanks. >> thanks. >> alexis, i will start with you on this. quick reaction from both of you. how cain did it, why, who was there, the crowd, his wife gloria there by his side. alexis? >> i thought it was a little embarrassing. i felt for gloria.
6:32 pm
i actually felt for herman cain. i don't think it was as exceptional as his presence was in the republican field just by sheerly being a black man in the republican field. i felt like i was missing a little bit in his leadup. it felt like he was there to promote his website. >> you mean today. you thought that was all about it today? >> i thought it was about promoting his website. i don't feel like herman cain elevated much in the debate in the republican field. you know, he was -- >> well, i hear cal chuckling in the background. take it away? >> first of all, any conservative republican of a condition american who has a solid faith is going be a target for the left in this country. the last thing that the democratic left wants to happen is for any self-made man to catch on. they tried to destroy clarence thomas. they have smeared certainly people like condoleezza rice,
6:33 pm
all calling her all sorts of names. if an independent african american solid conservative person rises through the ranks there is a threat to the welfare dependency culture that is the base of the democratic party. >> you are telling me that those people you are referring to, they are the ones who were there if in fact those allegations are true they are the ones who made that happen? >> well, i don't know about who made it happen but i have seen this in a long career in washington happen on more than one occasion. this stuff gets leaked, it is death by a thousand cuts. there is a double standard applied to republicans and democrats. >> not at all. >> the democrat is just say -- it is a private mat. there is speculations about the leak but we will not deal with speculations. let's move on right now. alexis you mentioned the cainsolution .com which is his plan b that he made today that he is going have this website there and going to continue to be the voice of the people. but i ask you, alexis, how
6:34 pm
strong will cain's voice be? will it be as strong as he is predicting it to be? >> i think it depends on everyone is going to wait for his endorsement. once he gives the endorsement i think that is going to be it. i don't think either of the top two candidates going to have herman cain out there stumping for him. i think his voice is really going to diminish significantly. >> i agree with that. i think that is, correct. if you are not in the spot light then you are not in any light at all. i hope we can get back to stuff that really matters now. this has been an incredible distraction. a $15 trillion debt. iran on the verge of nuclear weapons. the media have been all over this for weeks now and i would like to get back to debating real issues which is one of the things that newt gingrich is trying to do and i think quite effectively. >> and once everybody gets back on track if you will now that the cain train has possibly
6:35 pm
derailed in terms of his run for the white house, when they get back on track, cal, what are we going to hear from the republicans regarding the solutions you would like to hear about? >> i think newt and mitt romney among. i think michele bachmann, ron paul have been talking about how to solve the debt and basically about cutting spending. for the left, every dollar that is spent is somehow worthy. you can't cut anything or granny will go over the cliff or your child will starve. once we get back to the substance of the issues we will see solutions come out. >> i think we will see more protecting of the 1% and a little less focus on the working class and poor which we really need to do. >> interesting debate. sorry i didn't have more time for you but i do appreciate the time that we did have together. thanks, guys. see you next time. they are usually trained to handle extreme stations and now some former combat troops are taking the tools they picked up
6:36 pm
on the battlefield to the farm. casey ste ill is live in escondido, california work more. >> the department of agriculture estimates that half of all american farmers will retire in the next ten years. what is more are, about 45% of our military personnel come from rural communities. those numbers just some of the inspiration behind the creation of the vsat program. veterans sustainable agriculture training. interested troops are getting hands on experience learning everything they can about farming from growing crops to running their own business. >> what we are trying to do here with the vsat programs a take the leadership and work ethics skills and match them with a job skill and try to place these guys either in management positions or like many of our students are going to self-employment
6:37 pm
entrepreneurship. >> former marine mike haines is one of the successful graduates. the program inspired him to create his own superfood product line including this hot sauce that just landed on shelfs in a handful of whole foods stores just this week. a giant leap forward considering he was basically homeless after he got out of the marines and returned home from a deployment in iraq. >> it is like a moment in history and it is absolutely amazing to see this happen to me is just like wow. i never ever would have thought this would have happened. to see that on the shelves the first day today just kind of really took me back a couple of steps and i'm like wow, it's happening, you know. >> now, camp pendleton, the giant marine base here in southern, california is just in the background and essentially borders the farm and the transition assistance program they have actually approved the curriculum for the particular program.
6:38 pm
tuition runs about $4,500 but there is lots of financial aid available to get these folks back on their feet. >> nice story. casey stegall live for us. casey, thanks. we know santa has a lot of talent. that is how he manages to deliver toys all around the world in one single night but one of his gifts is truly a blessing to children in the denver area. dan da rue with our affiliate kdvr has the story. >> for many hearing impaired kids the simple joy of listening to the sounds of christmas will never be. >> what do you want for christmas? >> but that is not stopping these tiny tots suffering from mild to profound hearing loss. >> thank you. >> they can talk to and hear santa just fine here at the cherry cheek shopping center. >> i believe we are the only ones in town that do it. >> 23 hearing impaired kids from dalton elementary school with lists in hand couldn't wait to talk to the jolly old
6:39 pm
elf. just ask rafael who is well prepared. >> i want x box 360. that is my favorite. >> this is the one time they have somebody very special, it is santa that santa can communicate with them. >> have you been good this year? >> and, of course, santa is more than up to speed on sign language. >> one year i had two little boys ask me how did you learn sign language and i said santa has two elves that are deaf. >> whether santa actually brings the said x box is one thing but for these kids talking and listening to st. nick lass is a gift all by itself. >> i love that. thai love that. >> everybody should get to talk to santa. >> of course. absolutely. thanks, dan. great job. >> coming up, raising awareness on two rarely talked about diseases. we are talking about crohn's
6:40 pm
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the united states senate did he significant nateing this week crohn's and colitis awareness week. two diseases that afflict almost 1.5 millionle americans including me. i was diagnosed with crohn's 20 years ago this year so i'm graitl for the senate's resolution and i'm happy to welcome our next guest to talk about it. an associate clinical professor and crohn's specialist here in new york city. and ron del the eck eastboundtive director of the greater new york chapter of the crohn's and colitis foundation of america. a long time friend. always good to see you as well. dr. maryan, for people who might not be familiar with the conditions that are collectively called inflammatory bowel disease. what are they? >> there are two sub varieties.
6:45 pm
crohn's disease which can cause inflammation or swelling and ulceration any with are where in the digestive tract from the mouth to the rectum. colitis, eye tess meaning inflammation. one out of 200 americans have these diagnoses. >> and there is no cure. >> there is no cure that the point. we don't understand the essential nature of these diseases but the advances that have been made over the last 20 years alone have been extraordinary. >> advances in treatment but i was reading that the incidences of these diseases is actually going up. >> it is creeping up. >> and it is also going up with younger patients. >> the incidents among the very young patient has disturbingly gone up considerably. >> rondelle, these conditions, whenever anything involves the digestive tract it is not something that people typically
6:46 pm
talk about in polite company. i'm he guessing that because of that this senate resolution is so important. >> we couldn't be happier and more proud of this resolution and i would like to thank harry reid and thad cochran for helping us to put through the resolution. these are silent diseases. top ives that can be embarrassing to talk about. difficult, employment issues and so a lot of patients keep quiet about them. having this national awareness week is really crucial. >> what does it mean. you work with people and patients here in new york but there are chapters all over the country for people who might be he dealing with this or loved ones of people who are dealing with this. what kind of services does ccfa offer? and what might this resolution mean for them? >> absolutely. there is actually 40 chapters across the country so where everyou are if you are someone who is affected personally by the disease or a family or friend, please look us up on www.
6:47 pm
ccfa.orgtoseewhatwecandoforyou. we put a lot of money towards funding of research so people like the doctor can try to hope create more and more good treatments for patients and help find a cure. >> you talked about the advances. give us a big picture here if we are looking out maybe five, be ten, fifteen years from now what do you see? >> two pieces to it. the patient and physician education has improved immensely. people are misdiagnosed usually twice before they get their diagnosis with inflammatory bowel he disease and a delay of town three years is typical until people get the proper diagnosis. we are making inroads in educating the patients and physicians. in terms of new medications and better understanding the research that the ccfa has been driving the agenda for has been i willble in terms of illume
6:48 pm
illuminating the complex processes. new molecules is have been developed. biologic therapies have completely revolutionized it. patients are avoiding complications from medications and aid voiding surgeries. >> let's hope that 10-20 years from now instead of talking about senate resolutions we are talking about a cure found for the two conditions that affect so many people. i'm glad that the resolution specifically about the support team, family members and loved ones of patients because those of us who live with this know how important it toss have family and friends who look after us and doctors as well. thank you for being here. and everybody at the crohn's and colitis foundation of america, thank you. >> thank you. very important stuff, rick. thank you you very much. 'tis the season for traveling and whether you are going over the river and through the woods or just making your way to the
6:49 pm
next big sale a gps can be a big help. coming up, consumer reports steers us to the best options. the other office devices? they don't get me. they're all like, "hey, brother, doesn't it bother you that no one notices you?" and i'm like, "doesn't it bother you you're not reliable?" and they say, "shut up!" and i'm like, "you shut up." in business, it's all about reliability. 'cause these guys aren't just hitting "print." they're hitting "dream." so that's what i do. i print dreams, baby. [whispering] big dreams.
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'tis the season for traveling and there are many gps units that get you past road blocks, let's say, right?
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>> a lot of them. if you are married and have a wife. set with you every time you get lost, pick one of these things up. >> or is a back seat drive. how do you know which is the best to buy? consumer reports is here to help as always. jeff bartlett joins is now. good to see you. >> thanks for having me here. >> handy devices they have gotten smaller and cheap. and more sophisticated. the top rated unit is actually $400 but comes with all of the bells and whistles. >> that is the garmin nuvi 3400. >> and represents the pinnacle of current gps unit. looks and operates much live a smart phone and one of the things that stands out not just that it has bluetooth and voice activation but the newest level of traffic information which garmin calls 3d traffic. >> and that is about 400. >> it is.
6:54 pm
next we have the tom-tom donilon go. >> this is a competing model. many of the same bells and whistles including its version of high definition traffic but it is $100 less. but the real key for consumers when shopping is to know this one requires a subscription for its services. >> just about to ask you that. you don't have to do that with the garmin nuvi. you don't knee a subscription. >> has a high price but includes traffic. and today many traffic devices include either free traffic which can be supported by advertising or you pay up front. >> like about $30, right 24. >> about $30. >> moving on to the magellan road mate 3055. tell us about that one. >> a great device for people who take a lot of road trips. one of the things that stands out with the latest magellans, it has exit guides and information about points of interest from the triple-a. >> that is good. >> your battery is a little low on that one.
6:55 pm
>> got me to the studio on time. >> if you have it in the car you can plug is into the light. all of the devices in general need to be plugged in when you are using them. with the battery you can program them at home or use them to walk around in pedestrian road. >> garmn nuvi 2250. this doesn't have a lot of extras. comes in at a good price. pocket friendly and very giftable. >> that's nice. people everybody gets into the gps. thank you very much. great stuff. good pricing. not too bad. >> one question for you. when the gps tells you that when it takes you in the wrong place it is the gps' fault, it is not the husband's fault. are it is the gps fault. >> are you kidding me. it's your fault. it's your fault, period. >> in the end it is always up to the driver. the driver is in charge.
6:56 pm
>> jeff, thank you so much. >> thank you, jeff. >> we appreciate it. all right, guys that will do it for us. rick is always lost and, yes, it is his fault. sorry. >> you have been talking to my wife, haven't you? >> of course. i'm on her side. stick around because harris faulkner is up next with the fox report. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. [ male announcer ] in his eyes...a race needs no finish line.
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